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In Practice provides continuing educational material for veterinary practitioners. Peer-reviewed review articles by experts in their field cover all species, but principally farm and companion animals, providing a regular update on clinical developments and practice management. First published in 1979, it provides an extensive archive of useful articles for veterinarians wherever they practice.


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InPractice: Critical care in first-opinion practice

This roundtable discussion about dog and cat critical care management was part of the 2016’s London Vet Show.

The session, which is introduced by the Clinical Editor of InPratice Stephen Baines, also includes the experts:
Karen Humm, lecturer in emergency and critical care (ECC) at the RVC
Elle Haskey, head nurse for the RVC’s ECC team
Daniel Lewis, referral clinician for the ECC team at VetsNow Referrals in Glasgow
Aarti Kathrani, senior lecturer in small animal medicine at the University of Bristol.

The event was held in November 2016 at the Excel London and sponsored by Royal Canin.

00.00 Summary of the video presented by Stephen Baines, Clinical Editor of InPratice (
01.03 Opening of the session and introductions
03.39 Karen Humm introduces the emergency case of Bertie, a 2-year-old trauma patient cat
38.00 - Nutrition of Bertie, with Aarti Kathrani
50.25 - Enterotomy for intestinal foreign bodies. The case of Bruno’s septic peritonitis.

To read more about these subjects, follow the link to the InPractice journal supplement:...............


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