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Farm Animal Practice
Handling farmed deer
  1. John Fletcher

    qualified from Glasgow veterinary school in 1970. In 1974 he gained his PhD from Cambridge University for studies on red deer on the Isle of Rhum. That year, he started the UK's first commercial deer farm in Auchermuchty, Fife, and has worked full time with deer ever since. He has written and lectured worldwide on deer management and diseases and has contributed to several books on the subject. He has been president of the Veterinary Deer Society and chairman of the British Deer Farmers Association.


DEER farming has been developing steadily in Britain since the early 1970s and over the past few years the handling of farmed deer has become commonplace. Veterinary surgeons may become involved with deer on the farm, in quarantine premises, in semen and embryo collection centres and/or at the abattoir. This article is aimed primarily at those handling red deer. Fallow deer have a reputation for being more ‘flighty’, though with a correctly designed system they, too, can be handled smoothly and quickly.

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