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Companion Animal Practice
Conjunctival pedicle grafts
  1. David Habin

    David Habin qualified from the University of Edinburgh in 1989. After two years in mixed practice in Wendover, Buckinghamshire, he returned to the University of Edinburgh in 1992 as a resident in ophthalmology. He gained the RCVS certificate in veterinary ophthalmology in 1993.


ANY surgical technique employed in the management of ulcerative keratitis should fulfil the following functions: protecting the corneal surface during the corneal healing period; preventing the progression of corneal ulceration to corneal perforation; retarding corneal stromal 'melting'; and aiding the repair of corneal perforation. The two most frequently performed techniques are third eyelid flaps and conjunctival pedicle grafts, the latter being the technique of choice in cases of deep and/or progressive corneal ulceration.

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