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Collection of tracheal respiratory secretions in the horse
  1. Paddy Dixon

    Paddy Dixon graduated from University College, Dublin, in 1974 and moved to Edinburgh University where he worked in the department of veterinary medicine, gaining a PhD for his cardiorespiratory studies on horses. He is currently senior lecturer in the department of veterinary surgery at the 'Dick', with special interest in respiratory and dental disorders of horses.


IN the investigation of equine pulmonary disease, ancillary diagnostic aids, such as tracheal respiratory secretion examinations, are performed, first, when clinical signs of pulmonary disease are inconclusive, to confirm if pulmonary disease is present, and, secondly, where there is overt pulmonary disease, to help establish the type of disease present. Additionally, in the case of pulmonary bacterial infections, respiratory secretion examinations can identify the type and sensitivity of the causal organisms.

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