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Companion Animal Practice
Differential diagnosis of nasal disease in cats
  1. Kim Willoughby

    Kim Willoughby qualified from Glasgow in 1982. After six years in small animal practice, she joined Coopers Animal Health as a veterinary adviser. In 1990, she moved to the University of Liverpool where she completed a residency in feline medicine and is currently studying for a PhD in aspects of feline herpesvirus infection.

  2. Alison Coutts

    Alison Coutts qualified from Glasgow in 1991. She spent just over a year in mixed practice before becoming the Intervet resident in feline medicine at the University of Liverpool. Her areas of interest include feline internal medicine, antineoplastic chemotherapy and feline infectious respiratory disease.


NASAL disease is one of the most commonly recognised problems in the cat. The likely aetiology can often be established from the history and clinical signs, although further investigation is required in more difficult cases. Diseases of the ear and throat will be discussed in an article in the next issue.

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