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Companion Animal Practice
Colitis in the dog
  1. Barry Bush

    Barry Bush qualified from the University of Liverpool in 1961 and went into small animal practice in London. In 1964, he joined the Royal Veterinary College, eventually being appointed senior lecturer in small animal medicine. He was awarded a PhD for studies on canine thyroid disease and became an FRCVS for a thesis on canine bacteriuria. In 1990, he took voluntary early retirement from the University of London to become senior veterinary adviser to Hill's Pet Nutrition.


COLITIS denotes inflammatory bowel disease affecting the large bowel, including the rectum. It accounts for about a third of all cases of chronic diarrhoea in the dog and presents with a number of diagnostically valuable clinical features. Inflammatory bowel disease can also affect the small intestine and both regions may be involved concurrently, resulting in a mixture of signs.

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