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Companion Animal Practice
Peculiar drug poisonings in pets
  1. Charles Thursby-Pelham

    Charles Thursby-Pelham qualified at Cambridge in 1987 with a merit in surgery. After a period in mixed practice in Oakham, he joined an equine practice in Ashford, Kent. In 1991, he was awarded the RCVS certificate in equine practice and is now in mixed practice in Berkeley, Gloucestershire.


A POISON is any substance which, when introduced into or absorbed by a living organism in small quantities, destroys life or injures health. Paracelsus, in the early 1500s, said that all things were poisonous and only the dose determined how much so. His statement is well illustrated by the substances encompassed in this article: these drugs are deliberately taken by people for reasons of therapy or abuse but, when consumed by animals, either as a result of the dose or the particular sensitivity of the animal, they produce intoxication.

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