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Speaking in public - will it be alright on the night?
  1. Ray Butcher

    Ray Butcher is a partner in an eight vet small animal practice in Upminster, Essex. He is a pastpresident of the BSAVA and is currently the secretary of the Federation of European Companion Animal Veterinary Associations (FECAVA).


AN invitation to speak in public provides a tremendous opportunity to educate the audience on matters such as animal welfare and responsible pet ownership. It also gives a chance to promote the image of the veterinary profession in general and obviously the speaker's clinic and services in particular. Although only a few are ‘born naturals’, most people are extrovert enough so that, with a little preparation, they can take full advantage of this opportunity. Clearly a poor performance could have an adverse effect. Here are some hints to ensure that everything will ‘be alright on the night’.

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