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Automatic processor - toy or tool?
  1. Ray Butcher

    Ray Butcher is a partner in an eightvet small animal practice in Upminster, Essex. He is a pastpresident of the BSAVA and is currently secretary of the Federation of European Companion Animal Veterinary Associations (FECAVA).


TAKING and interpreting radiographs is an everyday part of general practice. The essential component is the production of an image of diagnostic quality, and this necessitates not only care in positioning and restraining the patient and selection of the correct exposure settings, but also a consistent and careful processing technique. The latter requires strict attention to detail and is an area where errors can so easily occur. In a busy practice, the modern automatic processors have many advantages although these obviously come at a price. In this, the sixth article in [i]In Practice's[/i] 'Toy or tool?' series, Ray Butcher discusses the advantages and examines the costs.

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