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Working Conditions
Calling time on 24 hour service
  1. Geoff Little

    Geoff Little qualified from Trinity College, Dublin, in 1973 and is now a partner in a seven vet small animal practice in Stockport. He is the current president of SPVS, the marketing director of Centaur Services, and chairman of the Veterinary Angling Association.


SHOULD the veterinary profession be obliged to offer a 24 hour service? Is opting out feasible? This article explores the problem and attempts to identify some possible solutions. It is based on a presentation given by Geoff Little at a 'contentious issues' debate at the 1995 BVA Congress in Winchester. In the pages which follow, Simon Meyer, of the Elizabeth Street Emergency Clinic, describes the arrangements that have been established between practices in part of south London, to provide out of hours emergency cover.

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