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Is no news, good news?
  1. Bradley Viner

    Bradley Viner qualified from the Royal Veterinary College in 1978 and established a small animal practice in Middlesex the following year. He has been chairman of the BSAVA's public relations committee as well as its public relations officer. He has acted as a spokesman on small animal matters for both the BSAVA and BVA for many years and presented a regular programme on LBC radio in London for over 12 years. His television appearances include Granada's This Morning programme and UK Living on satellite.


COMMUNICATIONS has been one of the major growth industries of recent years, and this trend seems set to continue. The media explosion has had both good and bad effects. However, the media have become much more accessible to the public which has developed an almost insatiable appetite for stories. The companion animal branch of the profession has thrived in recent years because of the importance of the bond between humans and animals, and it is this same bond that makes items involving pet animals so popular. In this article, Bradley Viner gives some advice on how to handle the different arms of the media to maximum effect.

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