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Equine Practice
Assessment of back pain in horses
  1. Eddy Cauin

    Eddy Cauvin qualified from Alfort veterinary school, Paris, in 1990. He completed an MVM at Glasgow veterinary school and, subsequently, Horserace Betting Levy Board-funded residencies in equine surgery at Glasgow and Edinburgh veterinary schools. After a spell in equine practice in Essex, he was awarded a lectureship in equine surgery at the Royal Veterinary College, where he is currently working towards a PhD. He holds the certificate in radiology and in equine surgery (orthopaedics).


BACK pain is common in horses yet, in many cases, a definitive diagnosis remains elusive. The aim of this article is to present a systematic approach to the patient with a suspected back problem. For the present purposes, back pain is defined as pain arising from the thoracolumbar or sacral spine and associated soft tissues. Examination of the pelvis is also included.

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