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Companion Animal Practice
Decision making in the management of canine intervertebral disc disease
  1. Simon Wheeler

    Simon Wheeler graduated from the University of Bristol in 1981 He is currently Senior Lecturer in Neurology in the Department of Small Animal Medicine and SLirgery, Royal Veterinary College, London. He is a past president of the European Society of Veterinary Neurology and has published and lectured widely on clinical arnd research topics related to neurology and neurosurgery. In 1992 he received the Simon Award from the BSAVA for outstanding contributions in the field of veterinary surgery.


INTERVERTEBRAL disc disease is a frequent disorder of dogs; it is only rarely a cause of clinical signs in cats. Most clinicians are familiar with the diagnosis of the condition, but there may be some confusion about the most appropriate methods of treatment. While there is some controversy regarding certain regimens, particularly involving unconventional methods, there is a large amount of data in the veterinary literature concerning the disease. This article draws on this data to present guidelines which can be used in selecting the most appropriate method of treatment for individual patients.

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