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Telephone training - who needs it?
  1. Isobel Reid

    Isobel Reid was a teacher for 15 years before pursuing a career in communication and language skills. She has researched and developed a programme for communications training in professional practice and now works as an independent consultant.


THE answer to the above is everyone who deals with people on the telephone in the course of their work. The receptionist in any organisation is usually the first point of contact a client has, and the impression - good or bad - given by that receptionist will reflect the organisation as a whole. People may ignore or forget about the adequate, or even the excellent, but they will happily tell all their friends about the awful, and it is easy to see how damaging that could be to a business. This article, which is based on workshops run by the author, illustrates that communicating on the telephone may not be as straightforward as it first appears.

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