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Companion Animal Practice
Acquired feline oral cavity disease
  1. Norman Johnston

    Norman Johnston qualified from the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, Edinburgh, in 1976. He currently runs the Scottish Veterinary Dental Partnership, based in Edinburgh, with clinics in Glasgow, Edinburgh and London. He is a charter member of the British Veterinary Dental Association and the UK representative on the council of the European Veterinary Dental Society. He is a fellow of the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry in the USA and a diploma candidate for the American Veterinary Dental College. His special interests in practice are oral neoplasia, maxillofacial surgery and feline oral cavity diseases.


FIGURES quoted in the literature over the past 30 years indicate that oral cavity disease occurs very commonly in cats as well as in dogs. Unless severe, disease often goes unnoticed or may even be ignored by owner and veterinary surgeon alike. In addition, it is clear that few animals with oral cavity disease actually present with a history from the owners of this. Both facts clearly indicate a great undiagnosed reservoir of dental disease and an untapped field of work for the practitioner if the subject is approached correctly. This article discusses the diagnosis and treatment of two common oral cavity problems - periodontal disease and the chronic lymphoplasmacytic gingivitis stomatitis complex of diseases. A later article will consider neck lesions and trauma.

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