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Treatment of sick and injured marine mammals
  1. James Barnett

    James Barnett graduated from the University of Bristol in 1988. After a year in mixed practice he was appointed house surgeon at Whipsnade Wild Animal Park. In 1992, he moved to Cornwall to take up a post at the National Seal Sanctuary, developing an all-consuming interest in the welfare and rehabilitation of marine mammals. In 1995, he became the company veterinary surgeon for the sanctuary's parent company, Vardon Attractions, and is responsible for the clinical care of the company's UK-based marine animal collections, including the Sea Life Centres and the National Seal Sanctuary.


THIS, the first in an occasional series of articles on the treatment and rehabilitation of sick and injured wild animals, focuses on marine mammal species - namely, pinnipeds and cetaceans which veterinary practitioners in coastal areas might on occasion be called to attend. Some of the legal and ethical issues which surround wildlife treatment are discussed in an accompanying article on page 214.

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