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Exotic Animal Practice
Skin disease in ornammental fish: identifying common problems
  1. William Wildgoose

    William Wildgoose graduated from Glasgow veterinary school in 1977 and has been in small animal practice in London since then. He has a special interest in exotic pets, and ornamental fish in particular, and holds the certificate in fish health and production.


OWNERS of ornamental fish are increasingly approaching veterinary surgeons for assistance with disease diagnosis and treatment. Although some veterinarians may be unfamiliar with fish health, our training provides us with a unique understanding of disease processes and comparative medicine which can be applied directly to fish. Many cases seen in veterinary practice are those which do not appear to respond to proprietary medicines and these often require simple investigations in order to reach a diagnosis. The aims of this article are to assist in the recognition of the common skin diseases in ornamental fish and to act as a guide to disease investigation. A problem-orientated approach is used, reflecting the way in which fish diseases are generally presented in the practice situation.

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