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Companion Animal Practice
Bone tumours in small animals
  1. Laura Blackwood

    Laura Blackwood qualified from Glasgow in 1990. Shie is currently a research scholar at Glasgow veterinary school, researching into novel treatments for feline thyroid adenoma and human thyroid disease. She holds the certificate in veterinary radiology and an MVM degree in small animal oncology.


BONE tumours in the dog and cat are usually malignant and, although they display a spectrum of behaviour, many are very aggressive. Middle-aged to older animals are generally affected. Tumours may arise from any of the tissues comprising the bone, including the periosteum, endosteum or medullary cavity. In addition, tumours arising in adjacent soft tissues may invade bone directly, and tumours may metastasise to bone from distant sites. This article discusses the management of tumours of the appendicular skeleton in the dog and cat.

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