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Student Education
Extramural studies - the practitioner's role
  1. Ian Taylor

    Ian Taylor has worked for the Liverpool Evaluation and Assessment Unit, in the Department of Education at the University of Liverpool, since 1987, and became its director in 1993. He has directed a number of projects relating to professional education, particularly in the veterinary field.

  2. Jill Barnes

    Jill Barnes is a research associate with the Liverpool Evaluation and Assessment Unit, and has been employed by the unit since 1991. She also works in the area of professional education.


AN extensive study of extramural studies (EMS) in the UK has recently been completed. The so-called SILVER project (Supporting Independent Learning in Veterinary Extramural Rotations) was funded over three years by the RCVS, through the Charter Education Trust, and was carried out by the Liverpool Evaluation and Assessment Unit. This article outlines a number of important aspects which were identified in the study regarding the crucial role played by veterinary practitioners in providing EMS.

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