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Farm Animal Practice
Use of anthelmintics in sheep
  1. Mike Taylor

    Mike Taylor qualified from Glasgow University in 1976. He is currently head of parasitology at the Veterinary Laboratories Agency, Weybridge, and honorary lecturer in parasitology at the Royal Veterinary College. His special interests include epidemiology and control of helminth, protozoal and ectoparasites, drug resistance, parasite pathology and parasite zoonoses.


ANTHELMINTICS are used both prophylactically and therapeutically for the management of helminth infections in sheep, but the rationale behind some of the anthelmintic strategies employed on farms remains questionable. This article reviews the spectrum of activity of the principle groups of anthelmintic drugs and emphasises the importance of combining strategic anthelmintic usage with grassland management in order to achieve effective worm control and reduce the risk of anthelmintic resistance.

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