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Avian Practice
Vaccine administration in poultry
  1. Peter Cargill

    Peter Cargill graduated from London in 1987 with distinction in clinical pathology. He is currently Avian Business Manager for Merial. Working as part of the international Avian Business Unit, he is responsible for technical support for the company's range of avian products and spends most of his time working with customers to improve or fine-tune vaccine administration. He holds the RCVS certificate in poultry medicine and production and is the current secretary of the British Veterinary Poultry Association.


THE most common cause of vaccine failure in poultry is poor vaccine administration. Surveys in the USA have estimated that 75 to 85 per cent of vaccine is maladministered in some way. Planning and attention to detail will improve disease control and therefore the economic performance of poultry. This article presents an overview of the principles of poultry vaccination.

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