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Companion Animal Practice
Small intestinal surgery 2. techniques
  1. Stephen Baines

    Stephen Baines graduated from Cambridge University in 1990. He is currently studying for a PhD in the immunology of canine histiocytic diseases at Cambridge, with funding from the Wellcome Trust, His clinical interests include ENT and thoracic surgery and clinical oncology. He holds the RCVS certificates in veterinary radiology and small animal surgery.


DISEASES affecting the small intestine are relatively common in the dog and cat and surgical management of these disorders is frequently indicated. An article in the previous issue dealt with the principles relating to small intestinal surgery and the preoperative management of the patient (In Practice, October 2000, pp 502-517). This article describes some of the techniques likely to be required in the surgical management of small intestinal disease and the appropriate postoperative care of the patient. The role of these techniques in managing specific diseases of the small intestine is illustrated.

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