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Companion Animal Practice
Diseases involving the anterior chamber of the dog and cat
  1. Jane Sansom

    Jane Sansom qualified from Bristol in 1977. She is currently responsible for running the Unit of Comparative Ophthalmology at the Animal Health Trust, where the emphasis is on clinical referral work and clinical research in addition to postgraduate teaching. She holds the RCVS Diploma in Ophthalmology and the Diploma of the European College of Ophthalmology.


THE anterior chamber is an optically empty space which allows visualisation and access to the inside of the eye. Diseases that affect the iris, ciliary body, iridocorneal angle or corneal endothelium will compromise the appearance of the anterior chamber, producing changes that are perceptible to client and veterinary surgeon alike. This article discusses the investigation and management of the principal diseases and conditions that involve the anterior chamber of the dog and cat.

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