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Farm Animal Practice
Bovine embryo transfer
  1. John Dawson

    John Dawson graduated from Glasgow in 1982. After four years in practice in Devon, he joined the Willows Veterinary Group in Cheshire where he became a partner in 1989. He has a special interest in cattle fertility, reproductive ultrasonography and embryo transfer, and was awarded a certificate in cattle health and production in 1992. In 1993, he set up Embryonics, which supplies an embryo transfer service, runs training courses and incorporates a repeat breeder fertility clinic.


EMBRYO transfer was developed to overcome fertility problems in humans and is now routinely used in human medicine. The technique has since been adapted for use in the animal field and has proven to be very useful. Early techniques for bovine embryo transfer involved general anaesthesia with surgical collection and transfer of embryos. These have, however, been superseded by a quick, non-surgical, repeatable technique, the elements of which are described in this article.

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