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The practice website - tool or toy?
  1. Ewan McNeill

    Ewan McNeill graduated from Glasgow in 1984. After five years in mixed practice, he moved to Nottingham to concentrate on small animal work, and, since 1996, has been joint principal of the Castle Veterinary Centre in Nottingham. He has a special interest in ophthalmology, radiology and feline medicine, and was awarded the Frank Beattie/BSAVA travel scholarship in 1999. He is a SPVS council member and a trustee of the VBF.


RECENT business reports all seem to use the magic phrase 'e-commerce' - the claim being that for businesses to survive and prosper, an Internet presence is not just desirable but essential. In this article, Ewan McNeill considers the costs and benefits of setting up a practice website.

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