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Equine Practice
Clinical diagnosis and treatment of problems in the late pregnant mare
  1. Jennifer Ousey

    Jennifer Ousey graduated in biological sciences in 1981. She is a research associate at Rossdale and Partners equine practice in Newmarket, where she has worked since 1982. During this time, she has studied the endocrinology of pregnancy and parturition, clinical problems in late gestation mares and the physiology of maturity and prematurity in neonatal foals. She holds an MSc and a PhD.

  2. Andrew McGladdery

    Andrew McGladdery graduated from Glasgow University in 1985 with a degree in veterinary medicine and surgery. He was a Horserace Betting Levy Board resident in equine studies at Rossdale and Partners in Newmarket from 1988 to 1991, and became a partner in the practice in 1994. He holds the RCVS certificate in equine stud medicine.


PROBLEMS which are encountered in the late pregnant mare may originate from before conception but, more commonly, they result from developmental abnormalities of the fetoplacental unit which occur during pregnancy. Many problems manifest themselves in late gestation because this is the period of greatest fetal growth when maximum metabolic demands are made upon the placenta. Problems arising on the maternal side may also have adverse consequences for the developing fetus.

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