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Farm Animal Practice
Ultrasonography of the urinary tract in male sheep with urethral obstruction
  1. Phil Scott

    Phil Scott is senior lecturer in farm animal studies at the Royal ‘Dick’ School of Veterinary Studies, Edinburgh. He holds the certificate and diploma in sheep health and production, the certificate in cattle health and production, an FRCVS for a thesis on the clinical diagnosis of bovine spongiform encephalopathy and a DVM&S for studies on the factors affecting the perinatal mortality rate of lambs.


PARTIAL or complete urethral obstruction is a common condition of intensively reared male lambs (entire and castrated) and mature rams. Early recognition of clinical signs by the farmer and prompt veterinary treatment are essential to ensure a satisfactory outcome because irreversible hydronephrosis quickly ensues from urinary back pressure. Early diagnosis is also important to allow rapid implementation of control measures to reduce the occurrence of future cases. As discussed in this article, ultrasonographic examination of the urinary tract can provide much useful information during the initial on-farm examination.

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