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Companion Animal Practice
Feline leukaemia virus: an update
  1. Sarah Caney

    Sarah Caney graduated from the University of Bristol in 1993. After a short period in small animal practice, she moved to the Royal Veterinary College, London, where she spent a year as an intern in small animal medicine and surgery. This was followed by a three-year residency in feline internal medicine at the University of Bristol, funded by the Feline Advisory Bureau and Fort Dodge Animal Health. In October 1997, she was awarded a Wellcome PhD scholarship and is currently studying the immunopathogenesis of feline immunodeficiency virus infection. She holds the RCVS certificate in small animal medicine.


IN the 1980s, feline leukaemia virus (FeLV) infection was a particular problem in breeding catteries but, as a result of increased awareness and 'test and removal' control policies, it is rarely encountered in this situation today and it is now mainly in non-pedigree cats that the infection is diagnosed. This, the second of two articles on feline infectious diseases, outlines the various clinical manifestations of FeLV-related disease and discusses the diagnostic challenges posed by the virus. The first article (In Practice, May 2000, pp 255-260) provided an update on feline immunodeficiency virus.

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