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Acting as a material witness
  1. Chris Laurence

    Chris Laurence qualified from Bristol in 1968. He initially went into mixed practice in Somerset before moving into small animal practice in Wiltshire, where he joined the partnership in 1972. In 1998, he joined the RSPCA as Assistant Chief Veterinary Officer and was promoted to Chief Veterinary Officer in 1999.

  2. Rachel Newman

    Rachel Newman is a solicitor and head of prosecutions for the RSPCA.


IT is almost inevitable that, at some point in their careers, veterinary surgeons will be presented with a case of neglect or cruelty which could result in the owner of the animal being prosecuted. A successful prosecution will often depend on the quality of the factual evidence provided in court. As Chris Laurence and Rachel Newman explain in this article, in order for a prosecution to proceed, it is vital that the veterinary surgeon who initially examines the animal meticulously records his or her findings.

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