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Farm Animal Practice
Vasectomy in the pig
  1. Jim Morris

    Jim Morris graduated from the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies in 1990. He is a partner in a mixed, predominantly pig, practice in east Yorkshire and Lincolnshire where he has worked for the past eight years. He is currently studying for the certificate in pig medicine.


VASECTOMISED or teaser boars have long been recognised as being a useful tool in the manipulation of oestrus in sows. The boar provides the greatest stimulus for oestrus and is also the best detector of oestrus available to the stockman. The increasing use of artificial insemination in the UK means that fewer entire boars are found on farm. Teasers, which are hormonally intact, may therefore be required to help detect oestrus among gilts and sows and also to stimulate them into oestrus before artificial insemination. This is especially helpful in the case of gilts, whose lack of experience at mating may lead to damage to a working boar, particularly if no replacement animals are available. This article describes the procedures involved in vasectomy of the boar.

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