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Postgraduate Training
A practice-based equine intern programme: a system of symbiosis
  1. Tim Greet

    Tim Greet qualified from Glasgow in 1976. After obtaining a Masters degree in the surgery department in 1977, he moved to the Equine Research Station of the Animal Health Trust, where he obtained an FRCVS. Since 1982, he has been a surgeon in private equine practice, becoming a partner at Rossdale and Partners in 1984. He is now the surgeon in charge of Beaufort Cottage Equine Hospital. He is an RCVS and ECVS recognised specialist in equine surgery. He was president of BEVA in 2000 and is currently junior vicepresident of the BVA.


THE needs of an individual practice change as it grows and develops to adapt to the challenges of a modern era. As equine referral work became increasingly specialised, Beaufort Cottage Equine Hospital in Newmarket found itself in need of able clinicians to perform some of the less specialised tasks, and oversee postoperative intensive care. In return, it could offer hands-on experience under the supervision of experienced staff. So began the practice's intern programme. Here, eight years down the line, Tim Greet describes how the programme has developed.

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