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Exotic Animals
Taking the plunge: treating pet fish
  1. William Wildgoose

    William Wildgoose graduated from Glasgow veterinary school in 1977 and has been in small animal practice in London since then. He has a special interest in exotic pets, and ornamental fish in particular, and holds the certificate in fish health and production. He is currently editing the second edition of the BSAVA Manual of Ornamental Fish.


THERE are more pet fish in the UK than dogs and cats combined. Fish keepers are increasingly approaching veterinary practices for professional help and a greater level of care can now be offered to them and their fascinating pets. There is not only scope for involvement with private hobbyists but also with breeders, importers, dealers and public aquaria. Using a logical approach and some basic equipment it is possible to treat many fish diseases and provide a useful service to fish keepers. This article presents a practical introduction to the subject and discusses some of the opportunities for practitioners with an interest in ornamental fish.

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