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Companion Animal Practice
Endoparasites in the dog and cat
  1. Maggie Fisher

    Maggie Fisher graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in 1986. She is an independent consultant in veterinary parasitology, based in Worcestershire, and divides her time between research, teaching and writing. She has recently received funding from Petsavers to carry out an epidemiological study into the prevalence of patent helminth and protozoal infections in British cats.

1. Helminths


ENDOPARASITES of cats and dogs include both helminths and protozoa. While there has been relatively little change in the understanding of, and control strategies for, helminths in cats and dogs over the past 10 years, a new milestone was reached in 2000 when the first endectocide for use in these species was introduced into the UK. This article reviews helminth parasites of the dog and cat in the UK and discusses methods for the prevention and treatment of infection. It also highlights potential zoonoses and pathogens for other species. Control strategies for protozoan parasites in dogs and cats will be reviewed in a future article.

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