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Equine Practice
Scintigraphy in the horse: indications and use in the investigation of lameness and poor performance
  1. Alastair Nelson

    Alastair Nelson graduated from Cambridge in 1988 and, after a brief period in practice in Yorkshire and Oxfordshire, he settled in Lambourn, Berkshire, where he set up his first gamma camera in 1991. He is now a partner in an equine clinic in Malton, North Yorkshire, where he runs the clinic's scintigraphy unit.


SCINTIGRAPHY has been used as a diagnostic imaging technique in the horse for more than 25 years. The technique has become more widely accepted and used over the past five years as relatively cheap second-hand equipment and dedicated veterinary computer software has become available. This article describes the principles of scintigraphy and outlines some of its potential uses in the horse. In particular, it discusses how scintigraphy may be used in the investigation of lameness in the horse.

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