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Broadening horizons, forging links: working as a volunteer overseas
  1. Jack Reece

    Jack Reece graduated from York University with a degree in biology before completing his veterinary degree at Liverpool in 1994. After three years in a rural practice in north Devon, he volunteered to work for the Help in Suffering animal welfare charity in Rajasthan, India. He returned to India in 2001 as director of an extension programme for a rabies control project.


TAKING time out of day-to-day practice life and working overseas as a volunteer veterinary surgeon offers opportunities for broadening horizons, gaining experience with unfamiliar species, making new friends and, perhaps, reflecting on one's career to date. Here, Jack Reece explains how he became involved with the Help in Suffering animal welfare charity in India, and describes some of the ins and outs of life as a volunteer.

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