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Veterinary care of ferrets
  1. Maggie Lloyd

    Maggie Lloyd qualified from Cambridge in 1989. She spent three years in small animal practice before taking up a position at the University of Oxford, where she gained extensive experience with small mammals and non-human primates. In 1999, she joined the Home Office, where she works as an Animals (Scientific Procedures) Inspector.

1. Clinical examination and routine procedures


FERRETS are susceptible to a wide range of diseases and their appearance in the consulting room may, at first sight, cause some alarm to the general practitioner. However, the principles of examination, diagnosis and treatment are the same as for the more familiar species, and can be just as successful. This article describes the approach to handling and clinical examination of ferrets and outlines how routine procedures may be carried out. An article in the next issue will discuss the diagnosis and management of the common clinical conditions of ferrets likely to be encountered in practice.

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