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Staff Management
So you need a new assistant? Creating a ‘win-win’ solution
  1. Sue Shuttleworth

    Sue Shuttleworth qualified from Liverpool in 1979. She owns a small animal practice in the Rossendale Valley, Lancashire. Within five months of going through the process of recruiting a senior assistant veterinary surgeon, as described in this article, the practice took on a second veterinary assistant. The practice is also sponsoring a veterinary nurse to train as a veterinary surgeon who will join the practice when she has qualified. At the end of February, Sue will be leaving the practice in the hands of the practice team for two months, while she drives to Timbuktu and back.


SELECTING the right candidate as an assistant is one of the most important aspects of practice employment management. Get it right and you will add a loyal and trusted member of staff to the team. Here, Sue Shuttleworth describes the process she recently went through when recruiting an assistant, and outlines the salient points for ensuring the process is successful for all concerned.

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