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Making the right moves
  1. Colin Baxter

    Colin Baxter qualified from Edinburgh in 1979 and has been with the Nantwich Veterinary Group in Cheshire ever since. He spends much of his time doing dairy work but has a particular interest in small animal dentistry. He is working towards his diploma for the European Veterinary Dental College.

1. Dilemmas and decisions


AS successful practices gain more clients, business and staff, there may well come a point when they no longer have the space to accommodate everyone. The practice is then faced with various possibilities – principally, alterations to, or expansion of, the existing premises, or a move to new premises. Colin Baxter has, over the course of 20 years or so, experienced each situation. Here, he discusses some of the dilemmas and decisions that he and his colleagues faced along the way. On pages 157–159, Jacqui Molyneux recounts her experiences of moving premises.

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