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Professional Development
Revalidation and virtual patients: a vision of the future?
  1. Bob Michell

    Bob Michell is Professor of Comparative Medicine at the University of London. He is a member of the RCVS and BVA Councils and formerly chaired their joint CPD Committee. A past-president of the RCVS, he is currently vice-chairman of the Comparative Clinical Science Foundation which is responsible for finding the initial funding for the new MRC Comparative Clinical Science Panel, an outcome of the Selborne Report.


WITH the medical and veterinary professions coming under increasing scrutiny from both the Government and the public, clinical 'competence to practise' requires regular reassessment and revalidation. The medical profession has forged ahead in this respect. The veterinary profession, meanwhile, needs to contemplate its approach and develop appropriate systems. There are lessons to be learned not only from the medical field but also, suggests Professor Bob Michell, from the aviation industry. In this article, he discusses some options that the veterinary profession might consider.

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