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Farm Animal Practice
Approach to the routine herd health visit
  1. Steve Borsberry

    Steve Borsberry graduated from Liverpool in 1971 and moved to Solihull where, having worked first in mixed practice, he has since 1980 been in solely large animal practice. He holds the diploma in bovine reproduction from Liverpool University and the RCVS certificate in cattle health and production.


THE aim of a routine herd health visit is to review current farm procedures and practices, and to advise on how these might be optimised and improved upon in order to maintain high standards of animal health and welfare. The efficiency and profitability of any farm enterprise is highly dependent on the interactions between farmer, farm staff and veterinary surgeon, and teamwork is crucial to achieving good results. This article discusses aspects of the routine herd health visit, with emphasis on areas where practical veterinary advice may be most usefully targeted.

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