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Routes to undertaking a certificate
  1. Caroline Blake

    Caroline Blake graduated from the University of Bristol in 1994. Afterthree years in mixed practice in Cornwall, she moved to the University of Liverpool as a resident in equine surgery. She gained the RCVS certificate in equine surgery in 1999 and, since completing the residency, has worked in an equine hospital in Cheshire. In Practice * JUNE 2002 3341

1. Studying at university


AFTER the long haul through veterinary school, the last thing many new graduates contemplate is taking further exams, let alone returning to university. Like many of her fellow graduates, Caroline Blake wanted to work in a mixed practice, to gain a broad level of early experience. However, quite quickly she became keen to specialise and felt the need for a further intellectual challenge. A postgraduate certificate was the solution, and here she describes the process of studying for it at university. The alternative route of taking a certificate while in practice will be discussed in the next issue.

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