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Client Relations
Incorporating client counselling in practice
  1. Brin McNeill

    Brin McNeill qualified from Glasgow in 1984. She is junior principal of the Castle Veterinary Centre, Nottingham, and has a special interest in cardiology and vet-client communication. She was the recipient of the 2001 Frank Beattie Travel Scholarship and undertook a trip to New York city to study the art of communication within the field of veterinary science.


THE veterinary profession is perceived as being, and is proud to be, a caring profession, but as it strives in the pursuit of scientific excellence, is there the risk that the art of veterinary medicine may sometimes get overlooked? In this article, Brin McNeill suggests some simple ways in which practices can extend the care and support they offer to distressed and bereaved pet owners through the provision of client counselling.

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