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Viruses and the practice computer: keeping the bogeyman at bay
  1. Will Easson

    Will Easson qualified from Glasgow in 1997. His main professional interests are avian and exotic animal medicine and surgery, as well as computer security, and digital imaging. He has used, designed and built computers for almost 20 years and been a user of the Internet for a decade. He currently works in practice in Liverpool.


COMPUTER viruses and 'worms' are an all-too-common occurrence in today's on-line world and it is easy to become paranoid and to stop using computer systems and networks to their full potential, for fear of 'catching a virus'. At the same time, viruses are blamed inappropriately for many unrelated computer faults, and also spread distrust and fear of other on-line users. This article is intended to allay fears, but at the same time instil a consistent and rigorous approach to security and contingency planning for practice computer systems.

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