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Past And Present
The rise of women in the profession
  1. Maureen Aitken

    Maureen Aitken qualified from Glasgow veterinary school in 1965 and then worked in the veterinary pharmacology department at the school for 10 years. Her career has encompassed a variety of areas, including time spent in general practice and working in research and at a private laboratory.

3. The 1960s


ALTHOUGH the 1960s were a time of great social change, the veterinary profession remained male-dominated, with very few women being accepted on to courses at veterinary schools in the UK and Ireland. However, Maureen Aitken was one of a group of five young women who commenced their veterinary studies at the Glasgow school in 1960. Here, she describes her life as a student and a postgraduate at Glasgow, and highlights the achievements of her female contemporaries.

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