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Past And Present
The rise of women in the profession 4. The 1970s graduate
  1. Jill Nute

    Jill Nute qualified from Liverpool in 1970. After periods working in the Lake District and Herefordshire, she and her husband set up their own practice in Cornwall, where they live and work. She has served on the BVA and RCVS Councils, and was president of the SPVS in 1991-92.


THE 'swinging sixties' had brought about some liberalisation in attitudes, but in the early 1970s there was still an element of hostility towards women taking up places at veterinary school and in practice - and veterinary politics remained very much dominated by men. Despite these barriers, Jill Nute managed to juggle working in practice, raising a family and a prominent career in veterinary politics. Here, she describes her experiences and the changes she has witnessed since she qualified in 1970.

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