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Pitfalls to avoid in providing accommodation for staff
  1. Nigel Coveney

    Nigel Coveney is a specialist in commercial property law with Eatons, a member of xlsis, a group of law firms providing business clients with specialist services.

  2. Andrew Maynard

    Andrew Maynard is an employment specialist whose law practice is a member of xlsis.

  3. Nick Openshaw

    Nick Openshaw is a solicitor specialising in business and commercial matters. His firm is also a member of xlsis.


MANY veterinary practices choose to offer some form of accommodation to certain members of their staff, as there are advantages to both the employee and the practice in this arrangement. However, as this article explains, it is in the interests of the employer to ensure that a suitable contract or agreement is made with the employee, to avoid some of the legal pitfalls which could arise.

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