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Past And Present
The rise of women in the profession 5. The 1980s
  1. Sue Dyson

    Sue Dyson graduated from Cambridge in 1980. After some time in the USA, she took up a clinical orthopaedic position in the Equine Centre of the Animal Health Trust, where she is now Head of Clinical Orthopaedics. She gained a PhD for a thesis on equine lameness diagnosis and was awarded fellowship of the RCVS for a thesis on shoulder lameness in the horse. She holds the RCVS diploma in equine orthopaedics. She was a longstanding member of the council and board of the British Equine Veterinary Association and was its president in 1996-97. She has published extensively and has lectured worldwide. She is coeditor of 'Diagnosis and Management of Lameness in the Horse', published recently by Saunders.


A LOVE of horses led Sue Dyson to apply for a place at Cambridge veterinary school, where she found herself in a male-dominated world - even more so when she looked at the prospects for getting into her chosen field of equine practice. However, inspired by her experiences of seeing practice, she embarked on a career that began with some time in the USA and has since led to RCVS specialist status in equine orthopaedic surgery.

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