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Companion Animal Practice
Emergency management of the acute abdomen in dogs and cats
  1. Arthur House

    Arthur House graduated from Murdoch University, Perth, Australia, in 1994. After five years in practice in Australia and England, he completed a residency in small animal surgery at the Royal Veterinary College (RVC). He is currently undertaking a PhD on the pathogenesis of canine anal furunculosis at the RVC.

  2. Daniel Brockman

    Daniel Brockman graduated from Liverpool in 1987. After a period in practice, he returned to Liverpool as a resident in small animal surgery. In 1991, he moved to the University of Pennsylvania where he spent nine years as an assistant professor of surgery. He is currently senior lecturer in surgery at the RVC.

2. Surgical treatment


AN article in the last issue of In Practice (October 2004, pp 476-483) reviewed the investigation and medical stabilisation of dogs and cats with an acute abdomen. This article describes a range of conditions that cause acute abdominal pain which are best managed surgically. It also emphasises the importance of postoperative care for optimising patient recovery.

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