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Difficult choices: helping clients to arrive at an informed decision
  1. Cathy Jackson

    Cathy Jackson is a GP who works in a rural practice in Angus. She is also a lecturer at Dundee medical school, where she runs the clinical consultation skills course for fourth- and fifth-year medical students, and postgraduate courses for GPs and hospital practitioners. She has three border collies to help her keep her three children under control.

  2. Carol Gray


IN the wake of bad news, there is often the need for difficult decisions to be taken regarding the treatment of an animal. Following on from the recent article on breaking bad news (February 2004, pp 103-105), Cathy Jackson, a GP and lecturer in consultation skills, draws on her experience from the human field to give some pointers as to how vets can ease the decision-making process for their clients. In the box on page 224, Carol Gray, a veterinary surgeon and lecturer in communication skills, discusses how the principles of evidence-based medicine should be incorporated into decision-making in order to achieve the best, informed decision for clients and their animals.

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