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Hydrotherapy pool - toy or tool?
  1. Jacqui Molyneux

    Jacqui Molyneux qualified from Bristol in 1981. She initially entered small animal practice in Liverpool and later moved to County Durham. In 1984, she started a practice in the ex-steelworks town of Consett. In 1997, the practice moved into new purpose-built premises and, in 2000, gained hospital status. In 2001, a hydrotherapy pool was added to the practice facilities. She holds an RCVS certificate in small animal surgery.


PHYSIOTHERAPY is receiving increasing attention in the small animal field. Hydrotherapy is one of the modalities that come under this umbrella, and has been shown to be of value for a range of orthopaedic and neurological conditions in dogs, as well as for improving an animal's fitness. But is it worthwhile for a practice to invest in the facilities and expertise needed to offer hydrotherapy services to its clients? Here, Jacqui Molyneux discusses the use of this treatment and provides some costings in an attempt to assess how economically viable a hydrotherapy pool can be for a practice.

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